Damn! Scary Days Ahead!

imageMy son called tonight to ask me if I was finished packing and ready to leave the country.  He was kidding… Sort of. And I joked back at him… Sort of.

This is a tough night.  So much was at stake and so much has been lost.  I’m not certain how grotesque the new government of our country will be, but it will be hard to watch. Right now Joni Ernst is making her victory  speech and it’s all I can do not to throw something at the TV.  She, Cory Gardner in Colorado and several others hold views so extreme and benighted that it is painful to imagine what our lives will be like for the next two years

Of course they didn’t win in a vacuum. Democrats made mistakes, ISIS and Ebola didn’t help and the deep damage done to President Obama by the Republicans from the day he took office didn’t help either, nor did the long years of gridlock or the disproportionate number of Democratic seats up this year.  But they won, and excuses won’t change that.  I think I’m giving up MSNBC for Netflix for a while.

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3 thoughts on “Damn! Scary Days Ahead!”

  1. Folks who live in these United States are bewildered and scared. They were easy prey for fear mongers. People know less and less about the world around them and without knowledge, they can be easily led. Astray.

  2. Joni Ernst makes me squeal with angst. When she laughs, my insides hurt. She either has no idea how health care insurance works. or rather, she thinks that the rest of US have no idea how it works.

    “Joni supports immediate action to repeal Obamacare and replace it with common sense, free-market alternatives that put patients first, and health care decisions back in the hands of each of us rather than Washington bureaucrats”

    REALLY? Like Washington DC bureaucrats are denying my cousin’s CT scan (she is a breast cancer survivor) to see where her cancer is now because the doctor didn’t give them “evidence” about why she needs a CT scan? No, I think that is the bottom-line oriented, capitalistic insurance company bureaucracy.

    FYI– your link for Cory Gardner does not work.

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